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2020/1/30 PM1點02分,Xtremeaznlove說:

He's definitely Japanese. He does look a bit Korean though. Apart from that, he's got freakin' amazing cum shots. I have his other videos but it's with girls, so I can't post it. 

could u tell me his name? or which studio/brand this vedio came from. maybe u can tell me the number of this vedio,plz.

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男优是誠也 (せいや) Seiya,

这部片是MEGA HUNK Ch的oav573,




[CR-0105] ソクハメ!!vol.94 下半身ムッチリ!!美チン太デカマラで串刺し!!どエロい横バックは超必見!!ファッションモデルの様な小顔で色白高身長184cm、エロい胸筋の22歳イケメン誠也(せいや)君がソクハメ!! (2016.12)

[GV-OGVR030] 184cm83kg22歳野球部、エロ胸筋高身長イケメン誠也(せいや)君!!、超極上美尻を振って二日ぶりの射精で雄汁をぶちまける!! (2017.02)

[GV-OAV573] 春のパンツ祭り!!デカマラスーツの誠也(せいや)くん!!初めての男体験に緊張しながらも白ブリ超勃起!!白肌のムッチリ筋肉がたまりません!!!

[GV-OGV088] 『激盗撮EX』身長184cmの誠也(せいや)くんはガッチリ筋肉質の劇的な超デカマラで知的なイケメンくん!!! (2017.06)


[HNK-082]|[HNK81] CRUISING イケメンハンター!! vol.12 (2018.06)

[WIG-234]|[GMS496] ROOM072+アナル専科 2017 BEST MODELS (2017.12)



高身長の爽やかノンケを逆ナンパ! 出会って26分で合体! 汗だくSEX!


合宿所のノリで!! 27 高身長の爽やかノンケが和室で生交尾!!

[BOY-427]  長身爽やか巨根ノンケがビデボでガッツリ抜いちゃいました!

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8 hours ago, 戚十肆 said:

I found ? ? , I found this film when I was brushing the film, it has a number, and then I found a male actor...

Seiya, Seiya,

This film is oav573 of MEGA HUNK Ch,

A total of 11 films have been filmed, and Google film titles or numbers basically have resources. The list of film names is as follows



[CR-0105] Sokuhame !! vol.94 Lower body plump !! Skewered with a beautiful chin thick decamara !! A must-see for the erotic side back !! 22-year-old handsome Seiya-kun is sokuhame !! (2016.12)

[GV-OGVR030] 184cm83kg 22-year-old baseball club, erotic pectoral muscle tall handsome Seiya-kun !!

[GV-OAV573] Spring Pants Festival !! Seiya-kun in a big suit !! White yellowtail super erection while being nervous about the first man's experience !! White skin's plump muscles are irresistible !!!

[GV-OGV088] "Geki Voyeur EX" Seiya-kun, who is 184 cm tall, is a muscular, dramatic super-decamar and intelligent handsome-kun !!! (2017.06)


[HNK-082] | [HNK81] CRUISING Handsome Hunter !! vol.12 (2018.06)

[WIG-234] | [GMS496] ROOM072 + Anal Senka 2017 BEST MODELS (2017.12)

Straight voyeur, Ren ~ 3rd ~


Reverse pick-up of tall refreshing straight! Combined in 26 minutes after meeting! Sweaty SEX!

If you're barefoot, insert it raw! Tall and refreshing straight copulation in a Japanese-style room!

At the training camp !! 27 A refreshing straight stature copulates in a Japanese-style room !!

[BOY-427] A tall and refreshing big cock straight has been pulled out with a video!

Thank you for all your hard work!

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